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An alarming case study on the importance of infrastructure in business

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Photo by Doug Zuba on Unsplash

The world was finally introduced to 5G cellular networks earlier this year, when both AT&T and Verizon began rolling out new products using the advanced network technology. 5G has been touted by many experts to be the most important thing that will happen to telecom since the cellphone, while some have gone so far to say that 5G will usher in the most important technological advancement in human history, ever.

While that might seem like a tall order, it is important to remember that 3G did, in fact, usher in the app revolution, while 4G went a step further and turned that revolution into global infrastructure. …

They broke it for the little guy, and I’m the little guy

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Understatement of the year

Below is my review of the updates to Medium, some nice comparison charts, and a fun little letter from the Medium home office in California.

First let me say, to all of you have supported me on this platform, THANK YOU! It’s a miracle if you are actually reading this because almost none of my articles have been showing up in my followers' feeds, but for the few of you who did actually see this… THANK YOU!

Second, allow me to announce that I am officially departing Medium, effective immediately. …

The Blunt Ogre Has Left The Building

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Dear friends and followers of The Blunt Ogre on Medium,

Medium apparently fell off a cliff and shattered into a million pieces, so we have decided to take down The Blunt Ogre here on Medium, and move it to a new home, which is:

This is a different platform that allows for live chat, more interaction and engagement, and even allows for followers of the Ogre to post their own content!

Please come join us at, and if you wish to try out a premium membership, please e-mail us at for a promo code to get a free trial.

Best to you all, and for god's sake, stay informed.

The Blunt Ogre

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Forget the lawyers, we should start with the media.

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Image par Mary Pahlke de Pixabay

The rise of digital technology has allowed ordinary people to make movies, record their own music, and expand their creativity in ways previously unseen. The result is that today millions of people have access to technologies that replicate what was once very expensive and cumbersome, and thus separated the professional from the amateur.

For instance, today a musician can record and distribute songs on their smartphone, while a filmmaker can use that very same phone to record video, and then edit the film on a tablet while enjoying a latte at their favorite café. This same phenomenon has been experienced in many different professions such as, and unfortunately, writing and journalism. There are more “freelance writers and journalists” today than ever before, as anyone with basic-level English, a computer, and a general understanding of social media can be competitive. …

The outgoing President finally delivered his remarks regarding the 2020 election.

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Photo by Tabrez Syed on Unsplash

Below is the transcript of the concession speech delivered by Donald Trump:

The fake recount is continuing in Georgia, where they are continuing the consensual, the unconstitutional decree, it’s an unconstitutional consent decree, and ANTIFA scum are still running for the hills after losing when attacking the people at the, Trump Rally, my rally, they call it the Trump Rally, I didn’t make that up it’s all over the, fake news, because those people aggressively fought back, my people, the good people of, America.

Antifa waited, and they waited, like the cowards they are, and when 99% were gone, they waited to attack innocent MAGA people, who were at the Trump Rally, and DC Police did nothing, they need to get going — DC Police get going and do your job and don’t hold back! …

America needs unwanted children to continue the profit-making war on crime.

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Image par RDRogers1971 de Pixabay

Trumpian Republicans agree that America should be looking at the private exploitation of prisoners as a positive for the U.S. economy. The more prisoners there are, the more jobs for hard-working Americans. Known as the CJIC, the Criminal-Justice-Industrial-Complex directly provides an estimated 3 million jobs in America alone, while further employing many others around the world who work in related businesses that provide goods and services to the American CJIC. Police officers, detectives, security guards, correctional officers, forensics specialists, court employees, and administrators are all examples of jobs created directly by the CJIC.

The existence of the CJIC is now being threatened by a national crime rate that had previously fallen to historic lows, thus eliminating the need for many of these good-paying American jobs. While crime increased during the Trump administration, experts agree that a Biden presidency will likely see a decline in crime similar to what was experienced during the Obama administration. …

Police department defends shooting claiming that officers truly believed that the suspect was black.

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Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

36-year-old Shaun Jones was shot twice by police officers during a routine traffic stop while attempting to reach for a DNA test from his center console. Jones was unarmed, and was trying to reach for his 23andMe DNA test to show the officers that he is actually white. Police stated that the official reason for stopping in the first place was that they considered Jones to be a black man, and therefore assumed that he was a suspect in a crime.

A lawyer for one of the officers involved in the shooting stated that “had Jones not appeared to be so black, police never would have pulled him over in the first place.” Jones, who is in now in stable condition, claims that he did say to the officers that he was white, and told them that he was reaching for the DNA test in the center console to prove it. “I just got the test back a week ago, and it shows I’m 52% European,” Jones said from his hospital bed. Jones further said, “this means that I’m a white man, and that the police shouldn’t shoot me or take me to jail!” …

The U.S. President uses executive privilege to declare a national holiday and orders the closure of all government operations and conservative media outlets.

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Photo by Pau Casals on Unsplash

WASHINGTON D.C. (The Blunt Ogre) — Echoing the sentiments of many liberal-leaning voters, Trump has attempted to appeal to concerned environmentalists by calling on all of those who are concerned about the environment to not use their automobiles on November 3, as well as turn off all non-essential electrical devices such as TV’s, smartphones, and radios. To mark the occasion, the President has declared the first Tuesday of every November as the official day when all people who wish to fight climate change will show their support for the environment by staying at home.

In Other News

Trump Orders all Early Vote Ballots To Undergo DNA Testing

WASHINGTON D.C. (The Blunt Ogre) — Citing concerns over voter fraud, President Trump has signed an executive order that requires that all 93 million mail-in ballots be tested to make sure that they are in fact who they say they are. …

There may not be a silver bullet for the current divide in the USA, but one is needed desperately.

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Photo by Jim Stapleton on Unsplash

The American political situation today is terminal. While today, Americans from different political ideologies agree on very little, most do agree that there is a major problem.

Americans may not agree on what that problem is exactly, but most do concur that the problem, whatever it is, has been compounded by a sheer lack of political diversity, a failed system of checks and balances, and an utter collapse of thoughtful discourse.

In this age of misinformation, the best answer to targeted political propaganda is not more thought control, but less

The advent of digital technology has ushered in an era of rampant misinformation and populism, and this is now jeopardizing the preservation of democratic principles. The future of democracy depends upon voters having a resilience to misinformation, so that they are not so easily influenced by the devices of predatory propaganda and mass-induced ignorance. …

Ten steps for finding the best person for the worst relationship.

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Do you find safe and solid relationships boring, and live for the thrill and spontaneity of chemically charged and dangerously toxic relationships?

If so, here are some proven steps for ensuring that you enter into a doomed relationship that will provide many sleepless nights, tons of jealously, and endless amounts of emotionally draining drama:

1. Meet your prospective romantic partner at a dive bar, after-hours club, late-night house party, or some other rowdy event where large amounts of alcohol are being consumed.

2. Have sex early and often, and if possible, have unprotected sex within hours of meeting each other and then spend the next three days shacked up together in an addictive sexual trance, forgoing food and water, and eating and drinking only enough to keep sex possible. …


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