A drain on tax dollars and economic value are different things. Under the current economic model in the USA, it is definitely better for the overall economy to have people employed in jobs dependent upon policing, arresting and housing criminals. The private industry component of the crime biz is very large indeed, and while much of this money comes from taxes, it is paid out to private firms and/or individuals. In this sense yes, criminals make a positive contribution to the economy.

Now in the sense that those tax dollars could be allocated to other programs and projects, absolutely, crime is a drain on society. But that is the point, what is best for society is not always best for the economy, and vice versa. Many economists would cringe at what I just said, but then many others would not. There are economic models that promote what is best for society, but America does not currently subscribe to one.

Regarding male sexual activity, I disagree. I’m a single father, I have to take care of my child 100%, and the only reason that stops me from having sex is because of logistics and time constraints. It’s not a deterrent for a deep instinct, and if you don’t believe me, look at all the people in poverty having 4–8 kids with no way to take care of them. I do agree that there are many consequences from misusing sexuality, I think it’s a good thing that teens are having less sex because teens are not mature enough to raise children, and perhaps they are finally turning away from the weaponizing of sex. I think the problem is that the people who will not slow down on sex are those that are in the worst social situations, and/or suffering from drug addiction.

But again, I’m no expert on sexuality and biological function, the article was about how the economic engine of America profits off of the unwanted, the poor, the sick, the suffering etc… and not by helping them, but by exploiting them.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it. www.joshuadopkowski.com www.bluntogre.com

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