America, Let’s Stop The Biden Hating And Vote For The Man Already

He’s a decent man with a long record of mostly doing the right thing, sort of, and that’s enough.

I get it, Joe Biden does not fit the normal narrative of how a president should look and feel. He’s not exactly the perfectly composed and witty Ronald Regan, nor is he the charismatic and swaggeringly cool Barack Obama.

Joe Biden is not a perfect man and has said and done some things during his life that judged by today’s standards would not be acceptable.

Joe Biden is a career politician, and as a result, he has been an active participant in churning the Washington Political Machine.

Joe Biden is, however, the perfect guy to be the next U.S. President, and Americans should be voting in droves for the man.

Considering that we’ve had at least a generation of bullshit fueled rhetoric that has led to very divisive and at times scandalous people in the Oval Office, electing Joe Biden should be seen as a well-needed and welcome respite from what has been decades of utter insanity.

Biden is not sexy, not terribly charismatic, doesn’t speak all that well, is sort of quirky, oftentimes cranky, and he doesn’t come across as forceful and assertive.

This is exactly what America needs in its next President.

The future of democracy depends upon electing rational, non-spontaneous, measured, and plainly put, boring people to do a job that should be monotonous and administrative. If the job of the President is always exciting, that means that there are a lot of problems, and this should not be the goal.

Biden is not a terribly inspiring leader, but inspiring leaders have oftentimes been so at the expense of destroying others. From this standpoint, Biden is okay, maybe just sort of okay, but with that comes tranquility that America has not experienced for quite some time.

While having a president who is just sort of okay is not normally considered ideal, in our now globally masked, very exposed, and misinformation-packed real world, we should be quite content electing a U.S. President who we can say with confidence meets the following criteria:

  1. We know who he really is, which is why he doesn’t seem perfect.
  2. He has never been accused of murder.
  3. He has never been accused of forcible rape.
  4. He is not the child or spouse of a former president.
  5. He is not insanely wealthy and does not have shady foreign bank accounts.
  6. No one has ever said that they’ve done cocaine with him.
  7. He has never called himself “the decider.”
  8. He has almost definitely not slept with hundreds of women or his interns.
  9. He has never bribed a porn star.
  10. He has never had a cheesy reality TV show.
  11. He has never been backstage at a beauty pageant.
  12. He is not afraid to tell a bully to shut up.

Perhaps it’s not ideal that we look for the qualities that a person does not possess, rather than the ones that they do, but 2020 is anything but ideal.

There are a lot of pundits and left-leaning writers who are consistently churning out negative comments about Biden, and many others who are saying that they are holding their nose while casting their ballot in his favor.

Let’s stop being negative, and start being grateful that Grandpa is coming out of retirement to stop the madness for a few years. We all know that Grandpa is from a different generation and that he has his rigid views and his old ways of seeing things, but Grandpa also is going to get America, and the west, back on track to elect better more equipped progressive candidates in the near future.

Candidates like Kamala Harris.

Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it.

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