Co-determination in Germany spawned from the idea of stamping out nazism in corporations, and it was able to be forced upon them because they lost the war. Similarly, it spread in some respect to other countries in Europe, including France. Yes, it seems to work okay (just okay) in Europe, but it cannot be successfully implemented in America without first forcing the entire country to undergo a national unionization, which would then elect the leaders that would represent the unions on either a one or two-tiered board.

It’s not that I am philosophically against this, I just know it won’t happen, and I also think that opportunistic socialists in America will seize upon the opportunity to turn it into an all-out land grab. I don’t believe Warren is strong enough to stand up against that wave of Marxists, even if she herself is not a comrade.

The other issue is that unions in America have historically been inherently corrupt, wherein countries such as Germany, Denmark, and France, it is not so. But this is also cultural, and comes after over nearly 200 years that included major labor hardships, massive upheaval on a continental level, major wars, and the Iron Curtain. It simply is just not realistic that America will be able to simply pass legislation that says corporations must now include workers representatives on the board of directors. Shareholders will find a way to work around it, and if that fails, they will corrupt the union leadership with the almighty dollar.

It’s just not the same situation in Europe, there is a systemic and deep cultural situation that allows for this type of thing to function here.

Regardless, Warren needs to denounce Sanders, AOC and Rashid Talib. They are self-proclaimed socialists, and there simply is no room for that. She also needs to denounce the DSA. If she does all that, then she is on track to “walking the walk.”

I won’t be voting for Donald Trump. The question is not, do I vote for Trump, the question is do I vote, or do I abstain. I mean let’s face it, Trump isn’t going to wake up tomorrow and be an environmentalist.

Also of issue, she was quick to say that Danerys Targarean was a hero, and a symbol for all women, only to recant later with a witty comment… whoops. I know it’s just a TV show, but these little quips can offer insight into someone's character, and also this situation shows us that she’s either full of it, or she actually did believe that a murderous 14-year-old was a good role model.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it.

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