Erin, I appreciate your passion on this issue, but I do believe that you are mistaken. Here is one quite credible source regarding the connectivity issues in Detroit:

Here is another article on this issue:

Also, much of my information came from a PhD ethnographer at Wayne State who is directly engaged with residents in neighborhoods of the city.

You asked me if “the center is enough for me,” and no, it is not. The reason being that the center of Detroit is not experiencing these issues, it is the neighborhoods that are. In many areas of the city, the fiber optic cable is dark, or has been disturbed. If a resident in such an area calls for internet service, they simply are told that service is available there. This is similar to a rural area yes, however, Detroit is not rural, at least it should not be.

Your claim that Detroit’s problems were the result of Kilpatrick is just false. Detroit has been corrupt for decades, Kilpatrick was a symptom of those problems, and his removal was far from being a sweeping solution.

The financial situation of Detroit continues to be dire, police response times in much of the city exceed 30 minutes, while medical response times can be similar. The education system continues to decay. Detroit’s image is not the result of unfair bias in the press, in reality, there isn’t enough truth about Detroit in the news. The residents in the neighborhoods are still in a deeply desperate situation without proper access to basic city resources, and the criminal/shadow activity is very high in the city.

Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it.

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