I seriously had the worst experience with AirBnB, worse than any other experience I’ve ever had from a customer service standpoint, so bad that it actually cost me $1,700. Your article is written well and makes a lot of good points, but from my standpoint, the entire article loses credibility because the focus is a company that should probably be shut down for having customer service so bad it’s criminal. In my estimation, the real heroes with AirBnB are the customers (both owners and renters) that find a way to be honest and helpful with each other, but to credit AirBnB for people behaving well is not appropriate. AirBnB is high capitalism in every sense of the word, and their sheer disregard for what is decent and moral tarnish any lessons that we can learn from them.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it. www.joshuadopkowski.com www.bluntogre.com

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