I think this raises an excellent point, and it comes at a time when I’ve been re-reading the history of the NSDAP because it is being invoked so much these days. Just today I read yet another article on ZORA that claims that the mass-shootings are directly linked with white-supremacy and those that support Trump. Such a statement is not only categorically false (3 of the worst mass shooting were perpetrated by people who were not even white) but it is extremely inflammatory.

Bush was not, and is not, Hitler. Obama was not, and is not, Lenin, and Trump also is not Hitler, nor is George Bush or Barack Obama.

I think Trump is a bad president, and he sets a bad example for leadership and virtue. I am not however worried that we are going to see the next Night of the Long Knives under Trump. I am concerned that under some of the extreme leftists however that we could see a violent uprising silence dissenters, and that concern is based on my personal interactions with left-wing people that became violently angry with me when I voiced my opinion, one even went so far as to say that I “should be silenced.”

I am far from being a republican, or a strong supporter of capitalism and extreme private ownership, but I am absolutely not a communist, and I am afraid that the left is becoming more dangerous than the right.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it. www.joshuadopkowski.com www.bluntogre.com

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