I’m an American man that moved to France after living in the SF area, as well as NYC, Florida and Michigan. Your article strikes at a very important concept; American culture. The SF bay area is truthfully one of the sleaziest areas in the USA (I’d argue even worse than LA), however even in SF there are plenty of people who reject the promiscuous objectification of other people. The way you describe France is interesting to me, and sounds lovely, however I will say that for myself, I have found the culture to be very closed. Dating in France for foreigners (yes my experience but also comparing notes a bit with others) can really suck, and the language barrier/accent factor does not seem to serve Americans very well at all (it’s not considered a sexy accent). Granted, I have my own personal constraints that make dating more challenging (single parent) however the experiences that I have had have been confusing and at times awkward. Two good things about American dating culture is the directness and openness. The draw back to that is we see exactly what people want, which unfortunately is all too often fucking. In France this isn’t the case, and this is something about France that I REALLY find wonderful; people tend to still consider other people as people and not objects. The ideal would be a merging of the two; the directness of American culture combined with the love and tenderness of the French. Honesty can be a double edged sword, however I’d prefer to know what I’m dealing with rather than always wonder. Very well written article, best of luck with everything.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it. www.joshuadopkowski.com www.bluntogre.com

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