It’s certainly easier to target the pro-life stance than the pro-choice stance, and that I think clearly comes across in the article. The pro-life stance demands that people give birth to children, but then offers to support whatsoever for those children. In fact, many that take a pro-life stance are also against social welfare. But again, the root of the problem is people having children that they cannot care for, and the absence of a social mechanism that can properly care for these kids. I attribute this lack of social ability for children to capitalism, since, under capitalism, unwanted children are not profitable, except for when they grow up and become part of the criminal justice system. At that point, their existence creates jobs for many. Regarding Europe, I live in Europe, and it is not the same system. Culturally speaking it is verboten allow for a system that discards millions of children and leaves their fate in the hands of drug addicts, street gangs, terribly underfunded foster care systems, and neighborhoods wrought with social problems. It’s not accurate to say that this never happens in Europe, because of course, it does, however, there is far less tolerance for it.

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