My friend, I could not disagree more. I personally enjoy “fine wine” (regardless of price) because of its dynamism, its complexity, the ability for wine grapes to express so many qualities of the earth. I could care less what rich people are doing, I like what I like. In fact, I like wines, and beers, with lower alcohol, because I can drink more. I do not like many liquors simply because it is akin to eating caviar, just a little or else you get a stomach ache. Many people here in France share this sentiment, and many others from around Europe do as well. I should mention also that I both studied and worked in those “ads” that perhaps you speak of, and I believe I can confidently affirm that finer tastes are not a result of media. MASS-tastes yes, as advertising does a great job of promoting lifestyle brands in general and attaching specific brand names to them, however, the best stuff tends to be made in small batches, and therefore is not advertised heavily (if at all) and is made with an artisan approach. You should know, I feel the same way about cheese, chocolate, and guitars.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it.

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