Regarding men that date younger women; I’ve personally had a very difficult time finding women my age to date. All through my 30’s, I was with women that were 8–10 years younger, with just two exceptions. Of the two exceptions that were my age, neither of them were interested in dating “seriously.” My male friends in the same age group that are also single have had a similar experience meeting women our age. This isn’t exactly scientific, however, it’s a bit more than just the peanut gallery also. I for one would love to find connection with someone closer to my age, but it just doesn’t seem to happen, as mutual attraction is needed, and mutual attraction to this point has primarily been with younger ladies. And for all you now cringing at my use of the word “mutual,” yes I have, in fact, been attracted to women my age that were not interested in me. Mutual cuts both ways up and down the age spectrum.

But you are right, the rating thing is not just an incel issue, it’s very common in dating, and many people actually openly rate each other all the time; it’s called Tinder. Objectification isn’t reserved for a minority subculture of men that never have sex, it’s practiced widely across all aspects of society.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it.

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