So I want to respond because you took so much time to express yourself in response to my article; first, what I read from you here is very American centric. The “world” isn’t going anywhere, and the USA is on a bit of an ideological island compared to much of the west when it comes to Abortion. Second, Abortion is legal in the USA, and the only way it would become illegal is if tens of millions of women vote for the Republicans and Trump in 2020. If every male that is not registered as a Democrat voted for Trump, and yet every single woman in the USA voted against, he would lose. Third, I do find the beginning of your comment a bit insulting, since it implies that men don’t take care of the children as much as women, which historically has been true, but that has been changing significantly. I understand that your comments come from anger and shock toward politicians that are trying to make it illegal for women to have abortions, however my article suggests that the real problem here is not being addressed, and I also state pretty clearly that the legality of Abortion should be debated since it was determined in 1973, and that’s that. Or at least should be.

Bottom line, I find it disturbing when Abortion becomes a gender battle, rather than a political battle because it is an issue because of politics and for no other reason. Trying to conflate the issue with gender inequality is no different than what I did here in this satire article about Abortion.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it.

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