So this episode bothered me. The writing has clearly fallen off significantly, and it seems like they are rushing through wrap up what we all thought was maybe a subplot, but actually is the main plot, we think, but there are so many open ends and unanswered questions that to make this just about who ends up in power is almost insulting. The dragon death was beyond Hollywood ridiculous; not even a 10,000 yr old lord of death managed to kill more than one dragon, and that was in a battle, yet Euron manages to sneak up on TWO dragons, and have 100% accuracy on three shots from three different boats, but then somehow manages to miss ALL of them on the next go around. Makes no sense. And why was the ONE character abducted Missandei? And WHY would Cersei keep her alive long enough to behead her only leverage against Dany? Was it a Ramsey Bolton move? Or just a way to write out a character that no longer had a role to play in the culmination of events?

I find the show entertaining, but I am disappointed because it had the potential to go down as the best show of all time, and instead it will fall into the same category as other formulaic CGI flicks such as Avatar and the Avengers. Too bad, I guess there can only be one “The Wire.”

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