Thank you for reading. In response; I don’t know if I would vote for them, which one of the underlying themes of the article. Below are a few comments about each.

  1. Biden: A career politician, during his tenure as VP the federal government bailed out the auto industry, and allowed BP to go on existing after the gulf oil disaster. Furthermore, a lot of his plans just don’t seem realistic to me, as well as his candidacy in the dem party. That said, if he somehow manages to secure the nomination, then he will probably win my vote in the general as long as he sticks to his robust education plan, and Trump keeps that nut job from Grand Rapids in charge.
  2. Warren: Warren about 15 years ago, yes for sure, Warren today… eh. The issues she’s doubling down on sound a bit too “workers of the world unite!” for me, and despite that she has denounced socialism, she is not distancing herself enough from Bernie Sanders, who I think is nuts.
  3. See above, and also this:

Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it.

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