The American Election Proves That There Are Too Many Journalists

Forget the lawyers, we should start with the media.

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The rise of digital technology has allowed ordinary people to make movies, record their own music, and expand their creativity in ways previously unseen. The result is that today millions of people have access to technologies that replicate what was once very expensive and cumbersome, and thus separated the professional from the amateur.

For instance, today a musician can record and distribute songs on their smartphone, while a filmmaker can use that very same phone to record video, and then edit the film on a tablet while enjoying a latte at their favorite café. This same phenomenon has been experienced in many different professions such as, and unfortunately, writing and journalism. There are more “freelance writers and journalists” today than ever before, as anyone with basic-level English, a computer, and a general understanding of social media can be competitive. The result has been a lot of very bad writing.

About twelve years ago I was having a conversation with Broadway musical writer Peter Udell, during which he encouraged me to pursue a career as a writer. I said to Peter that I was hesitant to so because I believed that there were many good writers out there.

Peter quickly retorted by saying, “no there’s not, there are not a lot of good writers out there.”

His response was sharp, and his voice filled with irritation, as he was obviously thinking contemptuously of many other writers. Peter was right, and the rise of digital media has made that abundantly clear.

The major journalism houses today are littered with young inexperienced wordsmiths using journalism as a platform for freestyling their own clever catchphrases. Amazon is now home to tens of thousands of eBooks that are just absolute rubbish, and platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn have become cesspools of self-important opinion columns that are best described as journalistic masturbation.

Perhaps worse than any of this is the utterly contemptible self-help personal-motivation socially-woke crowd of menial thought vomiters who pour every disgusting detail of their drama-filled lives into the digital realm. Anyone looking to be shocked by trite and meaningless content easily finds this dribble as the headlines expose the inner most perversions of some of the most sick people society has to offer.

Many of these writers have been labeled as brave and transparent, when in reality, they are simply egocentric narcissists who aren’t capable of writing about anything other than their own tragic lives and nasty little fantasies.

These writers all hold in contempt the social and cultural norms that preserve decency and ethics, yet they all want to be millionaires. The 2020 Presidential Election in the USA has opened the flood gates for these types of writers — and the low-brow professional journalists who actually read those types of shit writers —to try their hand at the critical analysis of politics; this has been a very unfortunate turn of events for the evolution of humandkind.

It’s one thing when journalists who studied to be war correspindents instead decide to report on professional sports. It is entirely another thing when hack writers who typically write about snowflake social issues get involved in breaking down the geopolitical consequences of the transfer of power. Worse even is when those same misguided amateurs are given credence by a recognizeable media brand name, and even have their cretinous diatribes distributed through the mainsteam media, thus infecting millions with a dose of intelligence shattering pseudologic. Is this a partisan opinion?

No, because all sides in a three-dimensional world are writhing with self-important bullshit opinions that are presented as fact and are forcefully defined to be relevant for the poor sap unfortunate enough to be exposed to the message.

Save maybe three or four English speaking major media sources, much of what is available in the mainstream today actually makes the viewer and reader more stupid. In America the situation is the worst, as #Mericans, #MAGA, #USAians, and Pronouns alike are all poisoned by an endless stream of consumerism fueled media texts.

For an American to have any idea what the hell is actually going on in their country they must turn to media outlets abroad, or call their friend or relative in Europe and ask. to subscribe

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