This article is just categorically false. The foundation of ALL American music is history, not African traditions, and the influences of Europe and the middle east are far more prevalent. While the influence of the Delta Blues on modern popular music such as Rock N Roll and everything that came after is well documented, Africans did not invent music, and your argument is essentially that they did. The Harp was not invented in Africa, nor was the Sitar, nor was the violin, all of which are massively important for the development of American music.

Perhaps most important however is the guitar, which is the most widely used instrument in “American” music second only to the drum/drum machine. The Guitar was developed over several centuries in Europe, well before the first colonist set foot in the Americas. We cannot point to Africa as the origin of the drum either, as it was most likely what is now modern China.

Country music, in particular, is based more in old Celtic-Folk, and is the result of heavy European immigration, particularly the Irish, moving to hill country. As time went on, just like everything else in America, various music types began to blend and influence each other, but to say the foundation of “white” American music is “black” African music tradition is ridiculous.

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