This is a terribly flawed article because it entirely ignored the institutional structure that is actively adopting a narrative of intolerance, all in the name of tolerance. That isn’t irony, that’s madness. These comics are legitimately afraid for their careers, and their legacy. What Carlin said is correct, however, if the “underdog” now controls the narrative, then who is truly the underdog? I agree with Chappelle when he said that to put the traditionally powerful “white straight male privilege” on defense will only result in a worse long term situation for equality. Once they oppressors overcome the initial shock and fear, they will retaliate, and that’s already begun.

Your article here serves no societal purpose except to embolden those who really need to take a step back and consider what this bear they are poking truly is.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it.

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