This is good, I liked reading this. As someone that uses a pen name, I feel like I need to comment. I use a pen name because my real name, Joshua Dopkowski, is really long, and for me it also represents the “real world me” which is not writer me, so having a pen name, in a weird way, kind of liberates me from all the crap I don’t want to remember when I’m trying to write from a pure place. It’s really easy for anyone to find out who I really am by clicking on my website on my Medium profile, or finding me on Twitter etc… so in a way, the more people that find out who I am represents more people who gave enough of shit to actually click and investigate. The other reason I use this pen name is marketing, because my real name is a fucking mouthful to say, and even worse to type, but it’s unique enough to remember and stand out on its own in a search.

I thought about changing it to my real name, but once I got past I Dopk I broke out into a sweat and had an anxiety attack.

Thanks for writing this, it was really excellent to read and think about.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it.

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