This is the best article I have read on Medium in months, and one of the best I have read anywhere in that same amount of time. I restrained myself from highlighting this entire piece, and my impulse is to print this thing out and glue it to one of my walls. You do an exceptional job of describing conservatism, and connecting it to wisdom.

At first I was troubled by you pitting conservatism against marxism, however as I kept reading and thought about it, it really raised a really interesting point. I personally associate socialism with economic systems, but in reality, the socialist paradise is definitely much more than that. Socialism doesn’t just call to an end of Capitalism, it indeed does require a radical progressive stance on almost all social and moral issues, and therefore, conservatism cannot be a fellow comrade.

Thank you for writing this, I hope it reaches thousands of people.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it.

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