To me, my humble observation is that ANYTHING that remotely resembles anti-feminism is quickly attacked in more liberal settings. It’s unsettling because if the Medium has decided to shift to being more focused on the video gaming community, the effect would be the same, but the topic much less controversial.

I also get very surprised at how fast others (some in the comment thread of this article) are to become violent in their language, to dismiss someones entire existence and experience, simply because it doesn’t readily swallow every ideological morsel that they deem just and righteous.

On this platform, Medium, I have been called a bigot, a Trump supporter, a woman hater… etc… If anyone took a second to read my work, they would see some very pro-female articles, and also might notice that I’m a single father trying to take care of a little girl entirely on my own with no help from anyone else. Yet, I am quickly dismissed as just another women hater, another Harvey Weinstein, I might as well call up my buddy Louis CK so we can force young ladies to watch us masturbate.

I find it all very troubling, and to be honest, I have yet to really see the advantage of being a man. My experience has not been one where my penis gives me unfettered access to amazing pay and top jobs.

I had hoped Medium would be a place for critical discourse, productive arguments, open-mindedness, false premises refuted by facts and logical insight. A platform to foster wisdom and progressive attitudes.

Instead, I think that it’s more of a magazine rack at the liquor store. I think Michael’s article was good and careful. He didn’t target personal interest or even writers, he targeted the business decision by Medium to promote writing that is subjective and personal, rather than critical and scientific. As a result, a lot of opinions will become truth, and we’ve all seen what that usually turns into… But hey, this is just my opinion, and ultimately, I don’t matter. Thanks for reading.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it.

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