Totally disagree. I'm usually quite forgiving, but Trump has been a force for greed and an ultra-capitalist, and an active promotor of oligarchy, for a very long time. He is an elitist that cares little for people who don't directly serve his purposes, and who consciously employs gaslighting techniques to keep people in a perpetual state of confusion. He has sowed fear, animosity, and hate, has used strong arm tactics and bullying to intimidate people into doing his bidding, and has placed the future of democracy and personal freedom in jeopardy. Furthermore, his actions have led to millions of shattered livlihoods and a horrifying death toll. Maybe he did have a bad childhood, but he is so clearly a villain that to excuse his actions would be tantamount to excusing Nazi collaborators. And I haven't even mentioned here the financial crimes that he has committed.

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