Well but this article was published on a publication of all writers, so we would expect more of a critical response no? Michael’s article is an accurate depiction of Medium, and that may be “insulting” to some, but to everyone that feels stung by this article, they should be asking themselves, why? If you don’t believe anything he says, then who cares? And if you do believe it, but don’t think it’s a problem, then who cares? The reality is that Medium is not supporting many writers any longer, I am in fact one of those writers, and as a result, those writers are moving on. That was a conscious decision by Medium. They decided to go in one direction, at the cost of losing another. I personally don’t think it’s sustainable, but I don’t run Medium. I found Michael’s article very well written because it encapsulates what I also believe to be a “recipe for success” on the new Medium. It is what is it, why are you arguing with us about our experiences?

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it. www.joshuadopkowski.com www.bluntogre.com

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