Well Patrick, I left after 2016. In 2018 to be specific. But I didn't just leave because of Donald Trump, I left because I had the opportunity to do so, saying yes was easier with Trump in office. After living in France for some time, I had planned to return to the US, but the situation is now so dire that I simply cannot now. One of the big reasons I stay in Europe is because of medical care. As a parent, I simply cannot leave a place that will take care of us no matter what, for one that will not if I don't have proper employment (which is more and more likely with each passing day). I really like your article, and I appreciate your sentiment. I continue to fight for what I believe in by writing (which very few people read), but living in America to me seems like irresponsible parenting, since I have the option to be somewhere else. I do believe that more people will actually leave if Trump is re-elected, and they should.

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