Yeah, no I get it. I suppose Medium was created as an idealized non-commercial platform for quality, and so their pivot is super disappointing. If they just want sensationalism, then they might as well start running ads as well.

Regarding their algo, yes for sure they recently changed something, because my stories as recently as March, April and Early May were getting serious traction internally, and then all of a sudden, my stories struggle to get even 100 views from medium readers. Now most of my readership is coming from external sources, and I’m left trying to figure out how to monetize this now since Medium won’t pay me for stories not read my Medium subscribers, however, they also won’t help promote me writing anymore. Which is odd.

As an example, in June I have had 6 pieces curated, and none of them have broken 200 views from Medium readers…. I think a little WTF is definitely in order.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it.

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