You make a good point, however you assume that Zuckerberg would have gained anything from humanities courses. He might not have, because he might just not care. You assume he was influenced by the likes of shark-minded opportunists, but maybe he kept that company because he was one himself. Maybe the very reason he dropped out of Harvard is because that is who he is, and he had, and has, no interest in the humanities or the consequences of his actions on democracy. He could just be a big piece of shit that happened upon a billion dollar idea, and was clever and tenacious enough to prevent others from moving in on his piece of the pie. You also are assuming that Harvard has any interest in teach anything beyond marketable skills. While I didn’t go to Harvard, I did attend NYU, and I argue that save a minority within the institution, the primary objective of that school is to turn out celebrity level success stories, regardless of the impact to humanity.

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Trying to tell the truth, and be truthful about it.

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