Your first two points are wild assumptions that you have no facts to support, and I could just as easily say the opposite, and my chances of being right are just as good as yours. On the yard sign test, this is entirely inaccurate as you are completely disregarding the reality that Biden supporters are concerned about covid-19, whereas Trump supporters tend not to be. This is why more Trumpers out in public (not wearing masks). The last point... really? Rappers? A few gangsters (and possibly murderers) endorse the man, and that's a reflection of the entire African American vote? And Ice Cube said that Trump represents what a lot of Americans strive to be, but Cube also said that he believes Trump could care less about the poor people. Did you write this to be cautionary? If you're concerned, a stronger argument would be "it's not over till it's over, get out any vote, here's why..."

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